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Does it turn you on to be watched?

Are you the type of man who loves to be guided and led as you stroke your hard throbbing cock?

Well I am here to help you enjoy being watched and listened to to make your stroking all that it can be,
and so much more then you ever expected it would.

From soft to hard and from aching to empty I want you to stroke it with me and not alone!

Why stroke it alone if you can stroke it with me...

I love to be there when men like you get hard and horny and feel the need to stroke their cocks...and I do not
believe you should stroke it alone instead stroke it for me and with me. I have a huge fetish for listening and
watching men get off. I love to guide and be a part of every aspect of your stroking, listen to my seductive
voice carry you away and have you thrusting and pumping bringing you closer and closer to the brink of an
amazing orgasm!

Sit Back Relax and enjoy..

I will take you on a journey to stroking you never imagined....starting with you relaxing closing your eyes
and getting that cock prepared for stroking. Wet or dry the choice is yours...but the pace and the rhythm
will be my choice and one I am sure you will enjoy! Start out slow and work yourself into a frenzy for me.
My sexy voice, my attention to detail and creative mind will have you never stroking alone again!

So don't stroke it alone stroke it with me....FOR me.

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